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About Dina

Dina Levin is a writer, director and producer who continues to embark on unique and creative projects such as her past musical concert series "The Next Big Celebrity" and her inspirational plays.  Dina enjoys celebrating ones' talent and inspiring everyone by writing and producing stories of triumph and victory. Some of her plays have been produced at Columbia University's Miller Theater, Hunter College's Ida K. Lang Theater, The Kennedy Theater in Harlem, New York, The Producers Club Theater and The June Havoc Theater.

In October 2012, Dina produced a trilogy of her plays "Neva Give Up!", "Someone Save Me Please", and "Three Families"  at the 133rd Street Arts Center in Harlem, New York.  Currently, Dina is working on bringing more performances of her plays to the NYC Theater District, this fall 2013 and the release of her  children's book, "My Brother, I Can't Live Without!".

Be sure to check back for upcoming performance announcements and stay connected to Dina by the following:

Twitter @DinaLevinMedia
Facebook Dina Levin Productions
Instagram Dina Levin Production

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